Project update PST Moscow DN 2500

By 18. Oktober 2018News

The pipe is a storm water pipe with an average depth of 6 meters. The host pipe material is concrete in heavily deteriorated condition. Serious ovality requires an installed PST inner diameter of 2083 mm

A small damn was build to control the water flow with a release pipe allowing a certain water level not disturbing the installation works.





The PST segments before grouting. The transparency shows the distant holders.


The transparency assures a 100% control on the progress.






The distant holder in the bottom is clearly visible through the dry weather flow.

The pipe is heavily corroded with part of the structure missing, exposing the corroded rebar cage of the host pipe.





The bottom of the pipe is completely washed out.


The level of concrete grout is exposed at a larger gap in this area. The contractor decided to grout the first section before continuing with the installation, assuring the desired conditions can be achieved at such heavily deteriorated conditions.





A final view provides a good impression of the PST performance capabilities. An entire new pipe fully structural build with a „close to non“ impact on site!