Kiev DN 1200 Launched

By 19. Dezember 2018News

Our first project in Kiev gives us everything an underground pipe rehabilitation site can offer! Delays, heavy deposits and tough weather! No we have started the installation last week. The colour of the segments is new and will be our preferred choice for the future. It looks solid and smooth and still provides enough transparency for monitoring the grouting process.

The pipe surface is heavily corroded and the original rebar structure exposed and deteriorated.

The customer requires an installation of a new rebar structure, which can be seen here already being in place.


The assembled segments arrive on site.


The rings are finally mounted together directly in front of the access point.


The rings are then pushed inside and assembled ring by ring forming the pipe.


By looking closer, the prior installed new rebar structure can be observed. The rebar structure will be enclosed later on by the cement grout, providing the additional mechanical strength required by the network owner.


The first meters installed, levelled and straight. With the nice and smooth finish of the segments inner surface and the joints hardly recognisable, the hydraulic performance of the pipeline will not be compromised.