GiS and Samuryk LLP now together on the Kazakh market

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The Kazakh technology company SAMURYK LLP and Global-i-Solution will jointly operate on the Kazakh market.

The main focus of the cooperation is the joint introduction of new technologies and the realization of projects in various infrastructure areas.

PST’s first gig in Australia

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Special Thanks to our Australian partner „Aussi Trenchless“ and the Director Mr. Chris Meredith, for the professional realisation at the No-Dig Down Under 2019, in Melbourne. Numerous visitors took the opportunity to familiarise with our technology.

New Partnership in Russia

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GiS decided to enter into a new partnership with the Lautal Group in Russia. GIS is the new partner of the Lautal Group for the European market.

Lautal is a leading manufacturer and processor of non-ferrous metals in Russia. Lautal has a competitive edge in processing customer specific products. The advantageous location in Russia provides direct access to raw materials and components.

Kiev DN 1200 Completed

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Finally we had the chance inspecting the pipe after being in operation for some time. Following picture sequence shows the final steps of the operation and the completed installation.


The bracing is installed.

The utilisation of the timber in upright position is not ideal, but sufficient for this small dimension. For larger dimensions suitable adjustable spindles need to be implemented.



The end is sealed and the ventilation pipe for air release during the grouting is in place.


The Mixer supplies the pump with the cement grout.


View inside the starting manhole while the cement grout is pumped inside.




The customer decided to install the PST segments in the bottom halve of the manhole. The supply pipe for the cement grout is still in place and will have to be removed.



Kiev DN 1200 Launched

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Our first project in Kiev gives us everything an underground pipe rehabilitation site can offer! Delays, heavy deposits and tough weather! No we have started the installation last week. The colour of the segments is new and will be our preferred choice for the future. It looks solid and smooth and still provides enough transparency for monitoring the grouting process.

The pipe surface is heavily corroded and the original rebar structure exposed and deteriorated.

The customer requires an installation of a new rebar structure, which can be seen here already being in place.


The assembled segments arrive on site.


The rings are finally mounted together directly in front of the access point.


The rings are then pushed inside and assembled ring by ring forming the pipe.


By looking closer, the prior installed new rebar structure can be observed. The rebar structure will be enclosed later on by the cement grout, providing the additional mechanical strength required by the network owner.


The first meters installed, levelled and straight. With the nice and smooth finish of the segments inner surface and the joints hardly recognisable, the hydraulic performance of the pipeline will not be compromised.

P-Flex M in Chemical Plant

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We have just started our first P-Flex M project in a chemical factory in Portugal with our local Partner QI-Technologies. P-Flex M was chosen due to its very high resistance level to hot temperature media with high hydrocarbon content.

The challenge is to complete 64 sections of processing pipelines in the diameter range from DN 50 till DN 1300. The small dimension in DN 50, 75 and 100 were a real challenge and tailor made spraying heads had to be designed and build.

Please watch the Video of the first coating operation here:

P-Flex M in Portugal chemical plant


Project update PST Moscow DN 2500

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The pipe is a storm water pipe with an average depth of 6 meters. The host pipe material is concrete in heavily deteriorated condition. Serious ovality requires an installed PST inner diameter of 2083 mm

A small damn was build to control the water flow with a release pipe allowing a certain water level not disturbing the installation works.





The PST segments before grouting. The transparency shows the distant holders.


The transparency assures a 100% control on the progress.






The distant holder in the bottom is clearly visible through the dry weather flow.

The pipe is heavily corroded with part of the structure missing, exposing the corroded rebar cage of the host pipe.





The bottom of the pipe is completely washed out.


The level of concrete grout is exposed at a larger gap in this area. The contractor decided to grout the first section before continuing with the installation, assuring the desired conditions can be achieved at such heavily deteriorated conditions.





A final view provides a good impression of the PST performance capabilities. An entire new pipe fully structural build with a „close to non“ impact on site!

First Project for P-Flex M district heating pipe

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Together with a great team of Russian specialists, Global-i-Solution Russia realized successfully the first „P-Flex M“ job in Russia. In only 2 hours we coated a DN 600 district heating steel pipe in a total length of 250meter.




Ecwatech – New strategic partner for Spain

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Our strategic partner for Spain IRETSA, came and visited us on the show and inspected the ongoing PST installation. Mr. Emeterio Cuadrado and Mr. Pedro M. Diáz attended the installation and are looking forward to its first installation in Spain.